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The Auction Process

Each facility will have a sign in sheet or registration form in the office. You must sign in at each facility.

You need to listen to the auctioneer's instructions. He will announce the terms and conditions at each facility. Each facility may have its own way of doing things. Some charge sales tax, some do not. Some charge deposits, some do not. Sometimes he will announce important schedule changes. Please give the auctioneer the courtesy of listening while he makes his announcements. It is very hard to listen to the auctioneer and be talking at the same time. The auctioneers word is final. Please make sure you understand what he said.

When the sale begins the manager will open the first unit. It has become customary to form a line in order to view the unit. Be prepared to get chewed out by the veteran's if you cut the line. Everybody will get a chance to view the unit so please be patient. The auctioneer will hurry the viewing up when needed. The viewing is from the threshold only. Do not go in the unit or touch the contents of the unit in any way.

When the viewing is done the auctioneer will conduct a live auction for the entire contents of the unit. The highest bidder is awarded the unit and places their lock on the unit. Please do not rummage through the unit before you pay for it. The auctioneer then proceeds to the next unit where he repeats the procedure over again. During busy times the auctioneer may open more than one unit at a time. If you are interested in the first unit stay and bid on it. If you are not interested proceed to the next unit. At the end of the sale successful buyers go immediately to the office to pay for their unit. Some facilities may charge a $20 t0 $50 refundable deposit that will be refunded when the unit is cleaned. When you are finished at the facility you should head to the next or stay to clean your unit. Vehicles, motorcycles, trailers and boats will be sold with a declaration of sale. You will take this form to the DMV or AZ Fish and Game and pay a small fee and receive a title. Please ask for copies of the procedures used by the DMV if the auctioneer does not give you any.

Buyer Hints

Bring CASH, a good flashlight, your own lock and your Sales Tax paperwork.

Do NOT bring small children unless you are willing to watch them closely!

Make sure you have the tools and ability to remove the contents in the time allotted.

Learn your auctioneers distinct chant, get his attention early if you are interested in bidding.

Any questions just ask the auctioneer.

Feel free to attend a few auctions in order to check it out. Spectators are never charged.

Buy units that are in your area of expertise and think of where you can sell it before you buy.

Look for pride of ownership!

Have fun and remember that life goes smoother if you are having fun with others.

Terms and Conditions

Payment for winning bids must be paid in CASH only IMMEDIATELY after the sale! No running to the bank. No credit cards, debit cards, money orders, traveler's checks, livestock or any other form of payment. CASH ONLY!

Units must be totally cleaned out in the time specified by the auctioneer or manager at the time of the sale. The normal amount of time given is until close of business the next day. Managers may work with you if the unit is large or you have purchased several units. Do not bid expecting extra time. Always consult the manager first.

The facilities dumpster is to be never used.

You must put your own lock on the unit. Please come prepared.

Return all personal items such as photo albums, tax records and legal papers to the manager. You should also return all "protected property" as defined by the state statutes. Ask your auctioneer for clarification.

No firearms are allowed on the property.

No smoking on any of the properties.

You will pay sales tax unless you present your TFT sales tax certificate.

All auctions are conducted "AS-IS and WHERE-IS" without warranties or guarantees of any kind.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL! No whining or complaining.

Auctioneers announcements and decisions the day of the sale are final.

Non-compliance with any of the above conditions may result in the buyer being banned from all our auctions.